Wednesday, 14 February 2018

HangNine FM Playlist January 13th 2018

Here is the playlist for the HangNine FM show on North Sea Surf Radio, first transmitted on January 13th 2018
Bristol Express
The Eagles
Smash Hits
Os Brutus
Gulf of Brass
Hear Ye Here Ye!
Man From Nowhere
Jet Harris
Best of Jet Harris & Tony Mehan
Twistin' With the Volcano
El Mistyko
Surfing Like a Monster
Ancient Winds
The Madeira
Ancient Winds
Ripley In Love
Frankie & The Pool Boys
The Adventures of Cap'n Coconuts
Sahara Party
Go! Go! Surf
Dirty Fuse
Lost Riders
Welcome to Malibu
West Samoa Surfer League
Moments of Truth EP Part 2
When Surfers Rule (Instrumental)
The Fantastic Baggys
Anywhere The Girls Are!... The Best of...
Gunfight at Waikiki Beach
Surfin' Lungs
The Biggest Wave
Remember Waikiki
Las Patatas Bravas
Hot Sauce Surfadelia
Banzai Rider
Mark Brodie and the Beaver Patrol
The Shores of Hell
Hang On
Link Wary
Rumble! The Best of...
Dr Phobic & The Phobic Tones!
Rocket Ball
The Spy Tones
Over the Moon
Sad On Mondays
Los Twang! Marvels
Jungle of Twang
Fast & Loud
The Razorblades
Twang Machine
Bikini Drag
The El Caminos
Lost & Found 1995-1996

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