Wednesday, 10 June 2015

HangNine FM Playlist June 13th 2015

Here is the playlist for HangNine FM show on North Sea Surf Radio, first transmitted on June 13th 2015

Bristol Express
The Eagles
Smash Hits

Run Run... or Not
Five Fingers with Parasol

Surf O Muerte
Creatures from the Deep

La Leyenda del Solitario
Los Cornas
Adios Sancho

Pacific Trash Vortex
Terrorist Bengala Party
Monsters of Surf

Tasr Bomba
The Sine Waves
7" Single

Surf Sourir
Pirato Ketchup
Speed Surfer

El Torcal
Els A-Phonics
El Torcal Single

Livorno Twist
Urban Surf Kings
Livorno Twist Single

Planet Olga
The Kilaueas
Wiki Waki Woooo

The Bambi Molesters
As the Dark Wave Swells

The Boss Martians
Cowabunga! The Surf Box

Spanish Head
Satan's Pilgrims
Plymouth Rock The Best of...

The Aqua Barons
Search for Atlantis

What Would Takeshi Kovacs Do?
West Samoa Surfer League
Moments of Truth EP

Agent Graves
The Biarritz Boys
Monsters of Surf

Mexico Deluxe
The Taikonauts
Mysteriis Alienis Mundi

Depth Charge
Jon & the Nightriders
Surf Beat '80

Everybody Up!
The Madeira
Sonic Cataclysm

Hula Tikula
Messer Chups
Church of Reverb

The Tremolo Beer Gut
Under the Influence of...

No Chilles!
Lost Acapulco
Los Obligados Racing Team

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