Friday, 20 February 2015

HangNine FM Playlist February 21st 2015

Here is the playlist for HangNine FM show on North Sea Surf Radio, first transmitted on February 21st 2015

Bristol Express
The Eagles
Smash Hits from... 

Orient Express
Speedball Jr
For the Broad Minded

Twangy Drippy Twisty
Surfer Joe
Live in Brighton 2014

Grave Up
Satan's Pilgrims
Plymouth Rock the Best of... 

Munster's Theme
Surfin' Lungs
Let 'Em Eat Surf 

The Hearse
The Untamed Youth
More Gone Gassers from... 

Stranger on the Shore
The Eagles
Smash Hits Plus 

Big Bad Bass
Jet Harris
The Best of Jet Harris and Tony Meehan 

Los Coronas
El Baile Final 

The Blue Windows
Dirty Fuse

Aranda de Duero
Phantom Frank
Phantom Frank 

Turn On
The Kic-A-Shays
Surf-Age Nuggets 

UFO Stomp
The Taikonauts
Mysteriis Alienis Mundi 

4th Dimension
The Bitch Boys
Ride the First Wave 

History Belongs to Us
El Supernaut
Plays Half Dead 

PJ and the Galaxies
Rare Surf Volume 1 

Road to Damascus
The Illuminators
Road to Damascus 

Stonehedge Men
Intergalactic Instros 

Ganroku Hanami Odori
Takeshi Terauchi
Nippon Guitars 

The Star and Key of the Indian Ocean
Vintage Soup 

Teenage Angst
The Razorblades
The Dark Side of the Beach 

Jack the Ripper
Los Straitjackets
Play Favourites 

Back Home
Los Twang Marvels
Guitars in Orbit

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