Thursday, 27 November 2014

HangNine FM Playlist November 29th 2014

Here is the playlist for HangNine FM show on North Sea Surf Radio, first transmitted on November 29th 2014

Bristol Express
The Eagles
Smash Hits from... 

Whittier Blvd
The Exotics
Go Go Guitars 

Teenage Cactus Twist
Dirty Fuse
Last Wave 

Punto Muerto/Journey to Calfuria
Bang! Mustang
The Big Twang Theory 

El Senor Surf
Surfer Joe
Senor Surf 

RIP Tide
The Q-Trons
The Q-Trons 

Mother's Little Helper
Tony Dynamite and Shooting Beavers
Surfin' Jack Flash 

The Last Time
The Nematoads
Surfin' Jack Flash 

The Surf Creatures

Big Bad Bass
Jet Harris
The Best of Jet Harris and Tony Meehan 

Vampire Fucker
The Squadron Leaders
In Which We Surf
The Squires
Surf-Age Nuggets

The New Victor
Dirty Fuse
Last Wave 

Suicide Ride
Mark Brodie and Beaver Patrol
Shores of Hell 

Ace of Spades
Link Wray
The Best of... 

Hey Cosacus
Los Coronas
Adios Sancho 

The Grande Bois

Pirato Ketchup
Speed Surfer  

Last Train from Sepia City
Bang! Mustang
Surf NSA

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