Monday, 16 December 2013

HangNine FM Playlist December 7th 2013

Here is the playlist for the HangNine FM show on North Sea Surf Radio, first transmitted on December 7th 2013

Mr Moto
The Belairs
Cowabunga! The Surf Box
Squad Car
Eddie and the Showmen
Squad Car 

The Tomorrow Men
It's About Time 

Theme from The Angels Never Die
Born Losers
Cycle Guitars 

Born Losers' Theme
Davie Allen
Bullseye A Sixties Retrospective 

Les Agamemnonz
Les Agamemnonz 

Harlem Nocturn
The DC3

The Treble Spankers

Das Model
The Space Rangers
Ready to Take Off

Big Swell
Los Coronas
El Extrano Viajo EP 

Emmylou Rides Clarence West and then South
The Mermen
The Amazing California Health and Happiness Show 

Sauza Gold
Dead Man's Curve
World Catastrophe Generator 

Into the Crimson Sunset
The Bambi Molesters
As the Dark Wave Swells 

Pinto Pacer Duster Gremlin
Insect Surfers
Infra Green 

No Mr Bond I Expect You to Surf!
The Nematoads
Spy Car Mechanic 

Paint It Black
Los Coronas
El Extrano Viajo EP 

Tropic of Pico
Joe Strummer
Walker Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 

Far Away Places
Eddie and the Showmen
Squad Car 

The Standells
Is This the Way That You Get Your High?

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