Friday, 14 December 2012

The Waterboarders - Surfbeats'n'Deadbeats

One of the things about playing instrumental music is that you get to meet and hang out with other people who play instrumental music and people who like listening to it. And here's the thing; they are genuinely nicer folk than people who like and play other kinds of music. It's a fact!

Since forming Deads Man's Curve in 1995 I've had the huge good fortune to meet, perform alongside and talk to poeple form Spain, Italy, The USA, Gemany, Denmark, Croatia, Canada and... Devon, quite a few of whom have stayed at my house.

One such is Darren Miles of the Waterboarders, a fine and lively surf instrumental trio from Plymouth (that's Plymouth, Devon, UK, not Plymouth Massachusets, USA, by the way), whose debut, Surbeats'n'Deadbeats is now available from Amazon. It features some splendid originals (we particularly like Moon Over Milford and Bermuda Triangle Shorts) and versions of Secret Agent Man and Squad Car. It's nice to see a British surfing wave, The Cribbar, get a namecheck too as the title of the second track.

We really must get these guys to come and play in Brighton some day.

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