Tuesday, 7 November 2017

HangNine FM Playlist November 4th 2017

Here is the playlist for the HangNine FM show on North Sea Surf Radio, first transmitted on November 4th 2017

Bristol Express
The Eagles
Smash Hits

Treble In Paradise
Speedball Jr
Treble In Paradise

The Fathoms

Bruce Killed The Harlot
Moms I'd Like to Surf
Surf Cops Are Watching You

Cross Ties
Link Wray
Early Recodings

El Toro
Los Javelin
Cocktail Caracas

El Salto del Jalepeno
Stories from Shamehill
El Salto del Jalepeno/Queen of Tides 7" Single

The Varitones
Ultimate Surf Classics

Sky Team Ace Theme
Cheap Violent Cats
Seat Slasher & Tales from the Greasy Spoon

Here Comes Your Man
The Razorblades
15 Years in the Van

Wella Flex Blue
The Treble Spankers

Skater Dater
Surf Trio
Skater Dater

Have You Seen How Young The Cheerleaders Look?
Dead Man's Curve
We Will Prevail

More Than Meets the Eye
Los Fantasticos
The Devil Went Down to George Street

The Tikiyaki Orchestra
Idol Worship and Other Primitive Pleasures

Ewa on the Beach
Frankie and The Poolboys
Frankie and The Poolboys

Zegema Beach

Suzy Sunshine
Death Valley
!Que Pasta!

Pineapple Skies
Insect Surfers
Infra Green

Uphill Scramble
Satan's Pilgrims

The Exotics
Go Go Guitars

Final Wave For The Day
The Bambi Molesters
Sonic Bullets - 13 From The Hip

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