Thursday, 14 January 2016

HangNine FM Playlist January 9th 2016

Here is the playlist for HangNine FM show on North Sea Surf Radio, first transmitted on January 9th 2016

Bristol Express
The Eagles
Smash Hits

Wave Vehicle
Burt Rocket
Fiberglass Frenzy

Volcanno Juice
Insect Surfers
Satellite Beach

Luna Park
Los Twang Marvels
Guitars in Orbit

Surf Party
The Astronauts
The Surf Set

Blue Spectre
We Were Strangers EP

Slaughterhouse '69
Genki Genki Panice
Ghoulie High Harmony

Cemetery Beach
Messr Chups
Church of Reverb

Mic's Masters
The Ultimate 60's Surf Classics

Road Runner
The Ventures
The Ventures The Original

Note Crisis
Laika and the Cosmonauts
Instruments of Terror

The Breeze and I
The Fentones
Great British Instrumentals of the 50's & 60's

Miss Wong
Miss Wong

March of the Eagles
The Eagles
Smash Hits Plus

Kai Wahine
Phantom Frank
Phantom Frank

Nosy Parker
The Tremolo Beer Gut
Live, Beyond Our Means

Go Kato Go
Los Coronas
Surfin' Tenochtitlan

Surfer Joe
El Sonido Cojonudo de Surfer Joe EP

Closed Beach
Jimmy Strings
Instro Hits

Black Eyed Surfer
The Overtones
Search for Atlantis

Sweet Anna
Culebra and the Evolution Surf School
NSSR Latin America Surf Sampler Pt 2; La Playa

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