Friday, 24 July 2015

HangNine FM Playlist July 25th 2015

Here is the playlist for HangNine FM show on North Sea Surf Radio, first transmitted on July 25th 2015

Bristol Express
The Eagles
Smash Hits 

La Leyenda Del Solitario
Los Coronas
Adios Sancho 

Santa Cruz'n
Drifting Sand
Summer Splash 

Last Wave
Dirty Fuse
Dirty Fuse 

(Gimme) One Hour of Your Life
The Razorblades
Twang Machine 

20,000 Leagues
The Bitch Boys
Ride the First Wave 

Five More
Surf-Age Nuggets 

The Good The Bad
From 034-050 

Chicken Race
Mission Exotica 

Big Noise from Makaha
The Majestics
The Surf Creature 

Cicek Dagi
Boom Pan
Manara and Summer Singles

Codebreaker Seventy Eight
Man or Astroman?
Defcon 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... 

Defending Go-Kart Champions
The Huaraches
The Huaraches Steal Second 

Dance Contest
Link Wray and the Wraymen
"They're Outta Here" Says Archie 

Double 0 Surf
The Chesterfield Kings
Surfin' Rampage

Hawaii 5-0
Dead Man's Curve
World Catastrophe Generator 

Kuroda Bushi
Takeishi Terauchi
Nippon Guitars 

Fata Morgana
Phantom Frank
Phantom Frank 

The New Dimensions
Best Of 

Moon Computer
The Sine Waves
Into the Syntax Era 

Sudden Billy
Speedball Jr
For the Broad Minded 

Drifting Sand
Summer Splash 

Poseidon's Tears
Swami John Reis and the Blind Shake
Modern Surf Classics

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