Friday, 14 March 2014

HangNine FM Playlist March 15th 2014

 Here is the playlist for the HangNine FM show on North Sea Surf Radio, first transmitted on March 15th 2014

Aki Aleong and the Nobles
The Ultimate 60's Surf Classics 

Guitar Shaman
The Grande Bois

Ready for Some Action
The Razorblades
Gimme Some Noise 

Old Man Summer
This Machine Kills Robots
Monsters of Surf 

Return of the Angry Gentlemen
The Reverb Syndicate
Mondo Cacti 

Mr Rebel
Eddie and the Showmen
Squad Car

The Squadron Leaders
Greatest Hits 1939 - 1945 

Smoke on the Water
Wonk Vision
Considerably Further Beyond the Sea

The Good The Bad
"From 001 to 017" 

Twang 'Em High
The Derangers
The Legend of Baphne Blue 

You and Me
The Byrds
Mr Tambourine Man 

Sweet Anna
Culebra and the Evolution Surf School
Surf Revellution 

Scorpion Juice
Frankie and the Poolboys
The Adventures of Cap'n Coconuts 

Sea Scorpion
Inscect Surfers
Monsters of Surf 

Happy Fingers
Man or Astroman?
Your Weight on the Moon 

Tarifa Madness
Dead Man's Curve
We Will Prevail 

Heartbreak Hotel
Link Wray and the Ray Men
"They're Outta Here," Says Archie 

Reflection: Life or Lemming

Los Twang Marvels
Guitars in Orbit

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