Monday, 2 September 2013

North Sea Surf Radio: We Have Lift Off!

I'm thrilled at last to be able to announce my involvement in North Sea Surf Radio, which launched over the past weekend. This new internet radio station will play non-stop instrumental surf music around the clock, seven days a week. It will also feature specially recorded shows from DJ's around the world.

There are initially eight of these shows, but there seem to be plans to expand this number in the future. One of these shows (The Gypsy Surfer) will be presented by a different DJ each week, while other DJs will be: Caleb Pilgrim from Lost Acapulco, with A Huevo!; Mike Surf, from Green Cookie Records, with Green Cookie Beach; DJ Phantom, from The Phantom Four, with North Sea Surf Update; Fernando Pardo, from Los Coronas, with Para Los Surferos; JonPaul Balak, who I last saw playing with The Insect Surfers, with Surf Guitar 101; Lorenzo "Surfer Joe" Valdambrini, with Surfer Joe Playlist. Some guy calling himself Django Deadman is also doing a show called HangNine FM, which I can't recommend highly enough! Oh, Caleb and Fernando's shows will be in Spanish.

Each show will be transmitted twice, once at the weekend and once during the following week, with the first shows this coming Saturday (September 7th). Full details of all show times, as well as of how to listen to the station, are on the excellent North Sea Surf Radio website. You should note that all times shown are Central European Time, so if you're in the UK, you'll need to start listening an hour earlier!

While I'll be playing music old and new from anywhere in the world (and maybe even beyond), I'm very keen to feature as much music from the UK on HangNine FM as possible, so do get in touch if you want me to play your stuff. Bands can also submit tracks for inclusion in the station playslist through the website.

Unusually, the station will be free from commercials and will be relying on donations from listeners and sponsors to sustain itself. Once again, details of how to make donations are on the website, as well as details of the free downloads you can get in return for your donations.

I'll try to post playlists for my shows on the blog, once they've been transmitted.

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